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To a basketball lover, The NBA is the most exciting thing, and a true fan will always want to enjoy every possible bit of it. So, the good news is for these junkies, which is, popular site Amazon Prime video will now live stream games from the NBA League Pass from April 20th, 2021. Yes! It is as good as it sounds. All the live streaming of out-of-market games from teams outside your area will now be available to you. You will need to have a League Pass subscription for this. League Pass subscription is nothing new to NBA fans. This can be achieved by paying $29 per month, and if you are madly into the game, you can pay a total of $169 for the whole season and enjoy the exciting matches without anything to worry about. From Home to Away, or to a special mobile feed of the game, one can now stream everything. WarnerMedia’s Turner Sports and The NBA brought this service together for the fans, and this makes it the very first U.S live sports subscription, which is on Amazon Prime video service. Amazon offers another thrilling facility; you can watch three different streams from three different devices using a single account from wherever you want. Just a cherry on the top of the cake! There must be a lot of excitement and a bundle of questions popping inside the brains of the fans. Here we tried to answer several most asked questions that could be raised regarding the topic. To clear your concept, please read ahead.

The Starting Point:

What exactly is the NBA League Pass for?

In plain words, NBA league pass is a service that televises sports and offers its subscribers to enjoy up to 40 out-of-market games a week. From local stations to regional networks, most of the games are available here. 

That means even matches that are not locally televised can also be enjoyed through live radio broadcasts. No national or regional blackout can affect NBA league pass subscribers from enjoying their match. This service offers quick replays of the matches after just 3 hours and also an 8-10 minute short highlight of the matches. But NBA playoffs are not included in this subscription. This service is widely available even outside of the United States. 

Is it necessary to have Prime membership to sign up for NBA League Pass?

Yes, to sign up for NBA League Pass, it is necessary to have Prime membership. An active member can easily sign up for both the monthly and annual NBA League Pass subscription. It will cost$12.99/month or $119 for an annual subscription. There is also a full 30-day free trial advantage here.

Do I need to subscribe to NBA League Pass if I want to watch my current home team play?

No, to watch your current home team play, you won’t need any subscription. It will be available in your local or regional station. NBA league pass is especially for games that are played by the teams outside of your area. Regular-season games are also available in NBA league pass subscription,

Can I purchase the NBA League Pass without having a cable subscription?

Yes! That’s the whole point. You won’t need any cable subscription to have NBA pass league with Prime video. An NBA league pass subscription, and you can enjoy all the matches on devices that support Prime video channels as long as the matches are not blacked out by the authority or they are not nationally telecasted. 

Which devices do I need to watch games?

On more than 650 devices NBA league pass is accessible with prime video. The list is long. Tablets, mobile phones, smart TVs, laptops, in your gaming devices, and in what not. You can even enjoy the matches on websites like So, which device you should stream the matches in should not be a problem at all if you have the necessary subscriptions.

What is the difference between Away, Mobile, and Home live streams?

 This just means three different ways of enjoying a match. Away is when the commentary of the given is given by the commenter who is from the Away team. Home means the commentary is being delivered by home teams commenter. And Mobile is the optimized form, implemented whenever anyone is enjoying matches with small devices.

Instructions/Information Regarding the Blackouts

What sort of games can I watch?

Considering blackouts, you can enjoy regular seasons and the out-of-market team’s matches with the NBA pass league. 

Matches where local teams are playing are televised by local networks or national networks. And those matches are blocked by the authority so that no other streaming service can not broadcast them. Blackout also includes Playoff matches. But this should not be a problem because popular sources like ESPN, TNT tv, ABC broadcasts those matches, and also local TVs do so.

What happens in blackouts?

Blackouts mean you won’t be able to enjoy some NBA matches based on your area. These matches are broadcast locally or internationally. And no other streaming service has the permission to televise them. Blackouts can be local or national. You can watch blackout games on cables like ESPN, TNT, ABC, etc. Or from any station that steams over the air. If any game has been broadcasted in your area, you can just switch to your local tv channel and enjoy the match. After 72 hours later of the game, replays are available. But what’s sad is, national broadcasts won’t be available in NBA league pass.

Are the blackouts planned?

No, they are not planned. It is imposed based on your physical appearance. Based on in which region you are right now. To know which games are under blackout in your area, you got to do a search using your zip code. Matches that are blacked out in tours are open in other areas.

Can I watch the NBA Finals and Playoffs with my NBA League Pass?

It is said that The NBA playoffs and the finals are not available in the NBA league pass. That doesn’t mean you can’t watch them. These matches are telecasted widely on national and local televisions. You just have to switch to your local stations.

When can I watch replays for the NBA game blackouts?

Matches that are blackout can be watched as replays after 72 hours of the match’s end. These are saved in the archive. But the problem is, matches that were nationally blackouts, even their replays aren’t available in NBA league pass with prime video.

Information on Subscription Management

When can I renew my subscription?

As we know, you can subscribe for a month or for a full season here. You can manually buy this every month or every season, or you also can make it an automated process where your subscription will automatically be renewed after every season and will deduct $199. After buying any subscription, you can cancel it at any time, but to ask for a refund, you will have to do it within three days. If you do it in the middle of the month, you will still be watching till the end of the month as it is a monthly process. You can upgrade to a session-based subscription even if you are a monthly subscriber. You can also turn off the automated subscription at any time.

Can I watch anything other than the games with my NBA League Pass subscription during the off-season?

During the off-season, the NBA league pass offers games that were demanded in previous years. You can also enjoy a replay of previous matches. Except for the playoffs, the finals, and nationally blackout games, most of the previous games can be found in the archive.

How many games can I stream at once?

You can log into several devices with one subscription. And also, you can simultaneously enjoy three different games from different devices at the same time.

Can I cancel or modify my subscription?

Of course, you can cancel or modify your subscription. If you cancel the subscription within three days, you can claim a refund. If you do it after that, it will also be canceled. Then go to the managing page and turn off the automated renewal option. You won’t receive any further notice after this. 

I hope this article includes every possible question that could arise. Happy watching

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