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4 Best Apps to stream NBA Playoffs Live on Android from Anywhere

Like every year, The National Basketball Association has already started its professional basketball tournament for the 76th time, and fans from every corner of the world are very excited about it. Due to Covid19, the last two seasons of the game were minimized in certain ways; this year, it has come back to its traditional features. Thirty teams, 15 from each conference, compete with each other in regular seasons. Every match of the NBA is full of thrill and excitement. But playoffs have a different level of significance among the enthusiasts. Eight teams from each conference will make it to the playoffs and will fight to ensure the topmost position of the league. This makes playoffs extra sensational and electrifying, and every moment of these matches is worth being a witness of. 

When are 16 beast teams fighting their sweat off to be the best of bests, who wants to miss those intoxicating moments? Who wants to miss the creating of a new Michael Jordan? 

Surely you can watch the highlights and portions of the matches later from YouTube and other websites, but basketball junkies do not want to miss a single minute. For people like them, there are apps on android phones that stream the playoff matches, and the final game live! Yes, it is as exciting as it sounds. There are a few of these, and here we will be talking about the best 4 of these amazing apps for Android to watch NBA playoffs and NBA finals games live.

1. NBA’s Official App.

If I say that NBA is the most popular basketball tournament all over the world, even though only American teams play here, it won’t be an overstatement. So, it is very natural that NBA has its own app (both for Android and iPhone) where you can watch all the NBA matches without any hassle. After downloading the app, you will have to buy the subscription as your choice and put in the required information. Then you are good to go. There are several options for subscription. NBA League Pass Annual ( $17.99 per month), NBA League Pass Premium Annual ($249.99 per annum), and NBA Team Pass Annual, etc. After the subscription, you will be able to watch all the NBA matches, live or their replays, wherever you want to enjoy it. Not only the matches, from schedule to the standings, coverage of all the main moments, tracking the scores, and you will also get everything related to NBA at one place.

2. NextVR App.

Unlike NBAs official app, NextVR gives you access to all the possible sports there can be along with basketball as it has a partnership with NBA, NFL, WWE, and many more organizations. The more mesmerizing thing is, it is a virtual reality app. You can have the feeling of enjoying the match sitting in the front row of the stadium, sitting on your sofa! After downloading, You can simply watch a live stream of the ongoing matches or replay the matches you have missed, with or without a VR glass. A good wifi connection and a good headset can give you the proper use of the app. You can download the app for Gear VR, HTC Vive, and Daydream headsets for a better experience.


This app here tracks what type of game or sports you are interested in starts showing you those. You won’t have to bother about finding matches you like. You will automatically be in touch with the sports industry you like. Also, it is an app that follows algorithms that are used in various social media. Documentaries and Shows related to Sports are also here. Not only watch, but you can also listen to the games with this app. ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, SEC Network Plus, SEC Network, ESPN Deportes, and Longhorn Network are all available in the ESPN App. For having all these facilities, one just has to subscribe to ESPN only for $4.99 per month and $49.99 per year. 

4. WatchESPN

For live streaming of the NBA playoffs and its final, another very good app is WatchESPN. If anyone has any subscription to ESPN, NextVR App, NBA’s Official App, you can use that to log in to WatchESPN and enjoy the matches. You won’t be needing any additional charge. WatchESPN may need a lot of data while roaming, and it will be better to have a Wifi connection to enjoy an efficient watch. For fans who are out of the American continent might consider using WatchESPN as their preferred app as it is very easy to operate.

Other Sources

Apart from these top apps, there are some other apps that can be used to watch NBA playoffs. Some mentionable apps are Watch TNT, Basketball Live, Basketball TV Live Streaming, etc. Fans can also enjoy NBA matches and finals from various websites like ABC, ABC Go, ESPN website, etc. Some websites provide only the podcasts; some provide only the video streams. Most of the apps and websites are accessible only after you have paid for them. There are free options also. Though they are not very easy to find, these free options are there. To enjoy matches without any kind of payment, you will have to keep searching on websites. But be aware because some of them may have scamming issues. In the end, this or that, true fans anyhow always find their way to enjoy one of the most exhilarating tournaments of the year called The NBA.

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