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NBA Playoff Bracket 2022: Current format of NBA Playoffs

The exciting playoffs of NBA 2022 are all prepared to be started from Saturday, April 16, 2022, just after the end of its regular sessions, to find the best team of the league. Due to the covid19 pandemic, the regular season was reduced to 72 games for each team, and the date for the playoff was also moved to mid-May. This year’s games have come to their traditional format and time of the year.

Last season’s playoffs started on May 22, 2021. The Eastern Conference winner No. 3 Milwaukee Bucks, from The Eastern Conference, won the NBA Finals 2021 against Phoenix Suns, who were from the Western Conference. Playoffs are the most compelling part of the NBA. And the whole world eagerly waits for this time of the year to come. 

Twenty teams in best-of-seven format will precipitate in this year’s playoff, whereas it was only 16 last year. From each conference, 8 teams are to be clinched and will be played in the postseason. Here you will get to know about the NBA playoffs bracket 2022 and the current format of the game. (Please check NBAs official website for updated information related to date and time)

NBA Playoffs 2022

As mentioned before, the NBA playoff 2022 will be starting on April 16, 2020. The finals will are set to start on June 2, 2022.

How does the NBA Playoff bracket work?

To get the fullest of excitement that the NBA has to offer, one must know the format it is played. To cut a long story short, it can be said that, NBA playoff is played in a best-of-seven format. The nature of a best-of-seven series says that the series is 3–3, turning into game seven to break it. But to know what does it really means, we got to dive in a little deeper.

NBA usually has 30 teams in its regular seasons. The whole league is divided into two conferences so that the travel load of the team is reduced.1-The Eastern Conference. The Eastern Conference has three divisions which are called Atlantic, Central, and Southeast.2- The Western Conference. The Western Conference also has three divisions. Northwest, Pacific, and Southwest.

The top eight teams are ranked in each conference (Eastern and Western) in order by win-loss record.

The team that has the highest winning record is numbered as 1. Then the number goes on till 8 according to the winning number. Whenever a situation of a tie comes, the first tie-breaker is the head-to-head results between the tied teams, and the second tie-breaker is whether a team won its division championship or not. Teams are ranked throughout the tournament before to determine the further matches. 

In the first round, No. 1 faces the No. 8 seed. No. 2 plays No. 7, No. 3 faces No. 6, and No. 4 takes on No. 5. Once the playoffs are started, teams are never “reseeded,” the bracket is fixed.

The team with the higher seed gets to have the advantage of home-court. Home advantage is the comfort that the home team has over the one visiting in the NBA. The first two games are held at the higher-seeded team’s home court and at the lower-seeded team’s home court Games 3 and 4 are played.

In the second round, 1-8 matchup winner plays the winner of the 4-5 series. The 2-7 winner faces the 3-6. For the conference championship, the two teams that win will play against each other to determine the place in the finals of the big game.

This is the process that both the conference will follow, and the top team from both the conferences will face each other in the final to find the best team of the league as the champion. Home advantage will be to the team with the best rating gained in the tournament. June 2, 2022, has been confirmed as the final game of NBA 2022.

In 2020-21, Milwaukee Bucks won against Phoenix Suns in the finals. Suns got the home-court advantage as Bucks won in total 46 games and the Suns won 51. As unpredictable finals can be, the Bucks snatched the final crown with glory.

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