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NBA League Pass – How to get free on demand games

The National basketball association, based in North America, every year organizes a league where 30 teams play to be the best in the world. The league was founded 75 years ago and is considered to be one of the most important tournaments to the players as well as to the fans. Admirers of this game try not to miss even a single moment of the exciting matches. Keeping this in mind, all the matches of NBA is available in various forms of devices. NBA pass league is a product that is subscription-based, and it lets the fans enjoy every electrifying match, including the out-of-market ones. Though it is an Us based tournament, its supporters are all over the world, and the NBA pass league has arrangements for that also. 

What is the NBA League Pass?

NBA league pass is an official service of the NBA that serves the basketball fans with all the NBA matches, their live stream, replays, highlights, standings, and many more. And this service can be enjoyed after you buy one of their several subscription options. 

NBA International League Pass

NBA International League Pass is for people who are outside the United States. The difference between the NBA league pass and NBA International League Pass is, the national pass is full of more varied games. This is different from the usual NBA league pass in pricing and content. It allows a free trial to its users to let them check if they really want it or not.

NBA International League Pass is for international people who are not us citizens. So, with this service, they not only will able to enjoy all the seasonal and out of market games, but they will also get to watch the playoffs, the finals. And the most exciting part, there are no blackout restrictions here. That means each and every match is available with this subscription for all the people around the world. Canadians are not included in this, as no live game broadcast is permitted in their country. They are only allowed to watch a game only when they are replayed. Like the usual league pass, the international version is also available on all the possible devices. 


With the conventional subscription packages, like monthly or premium, NBA International League Pass offers some extra subscription package. One is called the stand-alone streaming subscription. This includes games, radio shows, studio shows, press conferences, and every little detail about basketball. “Race to the Playoffs” packages also include season games. During the off-season, some summer league games and matches of the Olympics are also available here. The sampling package provides the All-Star Weekend events and the Christmas Day games. These matches are very much popular around the world.

NBA League Pass Cost

NBA league passes are available at $28.99 per month and $199.99 per year. If you choose a package where you will pick only certain teams’ matches and selected games, it will cost less, which will be $17.99 per month or $119.99 per year. A one-time audio pass is available at $9.99 per month or $49.99 per year. NBA International League Pass will vary its price according to the region you are in. For example, it will be at AU$239.99. 

Otherwise, both the regular and international pass offers a free trial for seven days.

How To Get NBA league pass

To get the NBA league subscription, you will need to get the BVA app first, which is widely available in the Google play store and apple play store. Then you need to go to the settings or to the game management page, where you will find several packages. Find your suitable one. If you want to buy a subscription for certain teams to matches, make sure to tick those boxes to avoid paying extra money. Proceeding to those options, you will be asked the necessary information to make a successful buy. NBA league passes can also be bought from the Amazon app.

What’s a Blackout for NBA games?

Blackouts mean you won’t be able to enjoy some NBA matches based on your area. These matches are broadcast locally or internationally. And no other streaming service has the permission to televise them. Blackouts can be local or national. You can watch blackout games on cables like ESPN, TNT, ABC, etc. Or from any station that steams over the air. If any game has been broadcasted in your area, you can just switch to your local TV channel and enjoy the match. After 72 hours later of the game, replays are available. International league pass subscribers are out of this problem. No match is unavailable due to blackouts in this subscription.

NBA League Pass blackout restrictions

NBA league pass is in blackout restrictions. This means you can’t watch your hometown matches here. To watch that, you will need to switch to the local network. For example, if someone is in Texas, they won’t be able to watch matches that are locally broadcasted there or the matches that have been nationally blackout. The solution is, Switch to a local network. If not possible, use an alternative reviewed method if finding a VPN server and installing it on your computer. You can then connect the VPN to make an impression that you are not in that particular area. But sometimes, using VPN may cause some issues. We got to stay aware of that.

Ways to view the league pass

League pass can be viewed on most of the possible devices. This includes mobiles, TVs, Smart TVs, tabloids, PlayStation, also through a lot of websites. You just need to have a subscription and then log in to enjoy all the electrifying matches of the NBA.

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